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Having to be “on a diet” is probably one of the most common comments you hear from day to day and it’s a comment that typically comes with some degree of “pain.” Nobody WANTS to be on a diet, which typically involves some restrictions of food choices). The problem is that our usual routine is plagued with time constraints and the availability of junk or FAST foods, which again tie back to the limitation of TIME. Or is it our perceptions of time that’s the problem? Here are some recommendations I’ve used myself and with my patients that can help you achieve well-being with grace and ease.

  1. Create lasting holistic health habits by creating fun fabulous routines.
  2. Maintain and harness Holistic Health Habits to create lasting life impact with the end goal in MIND.
  3. Epigenetics support steady progress and growth. Knowing that your taste buds change every week or so. You just have to be consistent for a little bit and then you will get where you wan to be because science is on your side.
  4. Master your mind by being kind and compassionate to yourself and practice MINDFULNESS, including mindful eating
  5. Optimize your way to the top by being OPTIMISTIC and prioritize yourself. Carve out time like you deserve it. YOU are worthy!!
  6. Leverage your healthy lifestyle by focusing on FUN!!
  7. Stack your habits, such as having regular physical activities with like-minded people and going to healthy grocery stores and hang-out places.
  8. Drink at least 8 ounces of water every 2 hours and think of water as the element of JOY.
  9. Utilize your local farmers market and farm stands and appreciate nature and its BEAUTY.
  10. Manage your stress and sleep adequately with focus on self-love and self-compassion.

Utilize the AWE-some formula for your SUCCESS and remember you are already a WINNER for wanting this for yourself.

Talk soon!

~ Doctor Niti