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1. Activities

Start small and raise the length of time and intensity incrementally. Think of the turtle and the hare race. I am not calling you a turtle. Don’t get me wrong. To build a habit that is lasting requires the foundation of consistency and self-compassion to keep you going. Even 5 minutes is an awe-some initiative. Find and discover the activities you enjoy because the best exercise is the exercise you will do again tomorrow. Keep it up consistently and set your goals. 30-60 minutes at least 2-3 times per week is a good place to be at.

2. Water

Who can argue that a person who owns 70 to 80% of the shares of a company is not important? We call main shareholders, “the owners.” Correct? If you know that water is essentially occupying the majority of your body (about seventy to eighty percent), would you pay more attention? Adults should drink a minimum of eight 8-ounce glasses a day. When you exercise, especially on a hot day when you sweat more, please add another glass or two. Your kidneys will thank you. I like giving metaphorical examples to make it easy for you. Imagine not rinsing your dinner plate from the night before and serving food on the same plate again. Many of you are probably making a face and thinking, “Eew, gross.” That is exactly what happens inside our organs, such as our kidneys, when we do not drink enough water. The colon works similarly and constipation is definitely a negative consequence. Just like when the garbage truck does not come to haul the waste away from the house. You know it is going to be smelly.   🥴

3. Energy

Have you ever thought about how your body operates every day … from your breathing, to your heart beating, to your thinking, and movements? Similar to your car battery, the body generates energy from fuel (nutrition). More importantly, your emotions play a significant role as indicators of your operational system. The proof is when you feel great, your energy soars and you are full of vibrancy. When you are down, no amount of food will give you the energy to lift a finger. Mindfulness, meditation, and conscious awareness of your feelings will help you navigate into the happy mindset much easier. After all, we are here to be happy anyway, so you can enjoy your journey to the fullest.

4. Think Rainbow

Did you know the colors of the rainbow represent varieties of nutrients that nourish your body? Different nutritional values of colorful vegetables offer various values your body needs and deserves to maintain vitality. Remember that variety is key to full spectrum nutrition.

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5. Sleep

Your computer and car need to be recharged to power up. Your body needs repairing and revamping as well. Make sure your bedroom is dark, quiet, and peaceful. You need and deserve serenity sleep to be well. Seven hours each night provide optimum attunement for a healthy mind and body.

6. Optimism

Many studies have shown optimism correlates with positive health outcomes. No doubt. What you believe can create reality and health is no exception. Be positive and expect the best. There is always a silver lining and the strength we discover in ourselves at the not so good times. Have faith and believe that you are supported. And stay away from stress. Of course, you may argue with people from time to time. Everybody knows this. However, by being conscious and aware, you can notice and shift your state accordingly and gently.

7. ME

Most of us often put others first and ourselves last or next to last. Am I right? Absolutely, especially parents! Do you recall the instructions given on airplanes that, in an emergency, you must put on your oxygen for yourself first and assist others second. Same concept here. You cannot help anyone well if you are not taking care of yourself well. Happiness is a spill-over effect. Until you are filled to the brim with happiness and radiate out your joy, you do not have much to give. Self-compassion and self-nurturing are essential to your well-being.

You deserve this and nothing less will do.