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Why Work with Me?

Why Work with Doctor Niti?

If you’re a busy woman who’s looking to establish a healthy lifestyle, eliminate dis-eases, improve your self-confidence, self-compassion, and self-love, and enjoy life to the fullest, I’d like to show you a simple strategy with easy-to-follow guidance and no complicated diet to follow that has lasting long-term benefits so you can ACHIEVE GREAT PHYSICAL AND MENTAL HEALTH in far less time than with other programs.

My name is Doctor Niti Solomon, a double-board-certified physician who’s created a simple yet unique formula integrating mind, body, and spirit approaches to health that helped me overcome multiple chronic health issues quickly and effectively … and it’s now my life goal to help others like you to do the same!

Whether you’re trying to eliminate unwanted symptoms such as brain fog, digestive issues, or joint pain, want to keep off the extra pounds, or optimize your energy level and lifestyle, health and wellness research shows that there are three primary problems that keep people from achieving the results they desire:

  1. Complex and difficult-to-follow regimens: Most health and wellness regimens have strict rules requiring lots of time, focus, money, and resources that often aren’t practical to maintain and only add to your stress levels. I can show you a simpler, easy-to-follow strategy to get you to be your best self.
  2. Confusing and conflicting diets: How many diets have you endured? Likely too many!! Get ready for an effective and enjoyable formula that is fun and can easily fit into a lifestyle you love.
  3. Sustainable solutions to achieve long-term health and wellness: Most health and wellness systems are very restrictive about the foods you consume and your activities, and these restrictions end up leading people to “break the rules” and “yo-yo dieting.” My simple, yet amazing 7-step formula will reveal how you can maintain and scale healthy habits that truly last for LIFE!

If you’ve been jumping from one diet, one health program, from one wellness system to the next, feeling more and more confused and overwhelmed each step of the way, LOOK NO FURTHER.

I am committed to helping you take the simple, clear and effective steps you need inside the AWE-some Program. You don’t need to diet. There are no difficult hoops to jump through or expensive solutions to buy. And you don’t have to spend a ton of extra time you don’t have to achieve the results you desire.

If you’re curious to learn more or ready to get started, don’t wait. Get started by taking the AWE-some Challenge below. The only things you have to lose are the extra weight, discomfort, and dis-ease! Remember, you truly do deserve the BEST.

With love and blessings,

Doctor Niti

Never Settle for Less than Perfect HEALTH and Being Your BEST Self!

If you're ready to overcome dis-ease and create a HEALTHY LIFESTYLE FOR LIFE that allows you to look great, feel even better, and experience more self-awareness, self-compassion, and self-love, simply click the button below, and join the AWE-some Challenge today ...

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