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One of the most common lifestyle dilemmas I hear when talking to people is the difficulty they experience struggling with how to maintain their healthy food consumption and not slipping back to “junk” foods again and again.

We know from research studies that it usually takes about 66 days or 2 months to create “habits” that stick for the long term.

At the beginning or baby phase, you have to keep the supportive environment in check. That includes people around you who can be helping or not. Remember, you have the POWER to decide what’s good for YOU and whether to ALLOW the non-supportive parts to disempower your strategic planning. You know that all successful companies operate with well-thought-out plans and strategies, so why shouldn’t your health and well-being be different, right?

Here is how you can create a positive environment to enable and make your goals easier to reach.

Recipes for Well-Being

  1. Start with HEART: Self-love and self-compassion are necessary, so ask yourself to find your WHY.
  2. Add the FUN attitude cultivated from LOVE.
  3. Carve out TIME for preparation of food availability and preparation. For example 20 minutes a day can keep doctors away by keeping better snacks and foods around.
  4. Take things one step at a time and advance incrementally. For example, make just a 10% increase of healthier choices, such as vegetables and nuts in place of usual less healthy options.
  5. Eliminate foods and be firm with people around you who have less than healthy habits.
  6. Know you CAN and keep your eyes on TARGET.
  7. Course correct and ask questions when needed by enhancing your awareness.
  8. Celebrate your WIN!!
  9. Utilize the AWE-some formula as regularly as possible.